Neonatal Equipments

Neonatal Equipments

Infant Incubators

The Olidef infant incubators provide adequate and stable microenvironment for the newborns, using the latest technology. Factors such as quality, efficiency and ease of use are specially designed to meet all user needs, providing safe and comfort- able environment for the small patients.

Infant Radiant Warmers

The Matrix infant radiant warmers are designed for use in delivery rooms, nurseries and neonatal intensive care units. They provide a warm and stable microenvironment for the small patients, who require additional assistance in this critical period of their lives.


Phototherapy and Radiometer

The Led-Photo phototherapy meets, with the most ad- vanced technology, all the needs of newborn patients. The Radiometer 1640 monitors the radiation emitted by the phototherapy equipment.

Newborn Crib

Simple and practical, they have a removable acrylic cradle, non-toxic mattress with hypoallergenic cover and castors that facilitate the transport of the patient.

Tents and Hoods

Made of clear acrylic, the Olidef ́s tents and hoods offer to the patient an environment with high oxygen concentration.

Blood Bank Equipments

Blood Bank Equipments

The company has a wide range of equipment used in blood banks, such as mixers, sealers, centrifuges, platelet agitators and automatic extractors of blood components.

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