Olidef Medical is a company that develops, manufactures and sell medical devices for hospitals, laboratories and clinics.

The company´s quality system is certified according to the Good Manufacturing Practices (ANVISA) and ISO 13485. The products have INMETRO certification and CE Mark (European Conformity) and are registered at ANVISA (Brazilian Ministry of Health).

The neonatal equipments were developed to provide the ideal environment for the newborns, offering environmental conditions to the patients who have difficulties in the first days of life. The following products are available in the neonatal line:

– infant incubators;
– radiant warmers;
– neonatal cribs;
– phototherapies;
– tents;
– hood;
– bilirubinometer.


The medical-hospital line has equipments for general use and includes:

– surgical aspirators;
– nebulizers;
– emergency carts;
– patient monitors.



Europe Office

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